July 14, 2017

Let's Play – Universim – Alpha – Season 01 - Episode 01 [Version 0.0.17 Save And Load]:

We are starting Universim again now that it has a save feature come and see all the changes that have happened to the game since we last played.

June 7, 2017

Finally we have something on the main page other than the overly excited slug. Well, let’s start with a warm welcome to the slug pit, my sluggy home on the web. Here you can find links to my store for some awesome Merric gear (featuring our lovely banana slug of course), a calendar with my stream schedule, links to videos and past streams, stories (eventually) inspired by the streams, fan art, and much more! Well not too much more, let’s keep those expectations in check.

Are you a long time fan or a recent convert wondering what you can do to support the channel outside of watching, sharing, and commenting? Do you have a few bucks (or your regional equivalent)  to spare? If so check out the Game Wisp link where you can learn more about supporting the channel. Every penny goes right back into creating awesome content for you to enjoy.

Click around and enjoy your stay or better yet check out the latest videos on my youtube channel or stop by and say "Hi" in discord!

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